Travel Daze


The planning part of travel always overlooks the very unglamorous looooong travel day with very little sleep. We are midway though our time adjustment on some severe lack of sleep. However, Kristin killed it with seat selection and scored us some front row, exit seats resulting in extra leg room and easier mobility. Plus, a nice foot rest! 

Thankfully, Stockholm makes it easy to get out of the airport on your long layover and get a good, brisk walk, plus an abundance of little cafes and eateries that do not disappoint. We settled in for a veggie panini plus a Chocolate Ball that was an unbelievable treat - I don't think I can even remotely do a description justice, other than to say it was just what we needed for our first stop along the way. 


Ready for our next flight, a good night sleep, and then a big day of exploring ahead!