Biking through Versailles

It was a cold, dark, slightly rainy day in Paris, but that didn't stop us from heading out for a biking adventure to Versailles. We started in Paris, watching the sun rise over the Eiffel Tower as we pulled into our metro stop to find Fat Tire Paris Tours. They are well worth it to go on tour with if you ever have the chance! Nick took us back to the trains and on our way to Versailles. 

Once in town, we all loaded up on bikes, 21 people in all (which is quite a site if you can imagine us meandering down the streets in a huge slightly dazed blob). We had the chance to stop first at the market to pick up supplies for a picnic - bread, cheese, meats, olives, wine and a crepe to go. We then set off for the Queen's entrance into Versailles, can you imagine this entry?! 


We then set off for the Queens palace, not originally built for Marie Antoinette, but she was certainly the one who made it famous. Nearby, we explored their pop-up hamlet where she and her best ladies would experience the peasant life within the comfort of the walls. It was all the rage to simplify, but Marie didn't want to fully give up the good life of 4 new shoes a week - so they played pretend!


From there, we wound around the royal canal to find a place for our picnic lunch (at a properly late 2pm, you understand the crepe to go now?). Lunch was accompanied by the history of the revolution in France and very deep understanding of then role everyone played along the way. Once we were packed up, we set off out the King's entrance to head back to the city center to return our bikes.  

A little more waking and we found ourselves roaming the very halls where Louis XIV, XV, & XVI all lived and entertained their guests. Versailles became its current grandiose self in the years when Louis XIV wanted all his people where he could see them, living under one roof. It was extravagant and beautiful throughout the chateau.