Sea Breazy

We had a wonderful last day in Paris walking around with friends said goodbye to Mike and Jamie and went our opposite directions. After an hour delay of our train, we were off through the countryside of France watching the sun set over the fields with our compass due south headed straight for the ocean.

Though we arrived late into the night, we could tell immediately we were going to love Nice. In planning, we allowed ourselves a few stepped up places along the way and our current apartment is a stunner that cannot be beat. Our kitchen view alone has us wondering if we should just stay here until next Tuesday. 

Sunrise while making some coffee  

Sunrise while making some coffee  

Our plans for the day consist mostly of exploration, sea breezes and probably a glass of wine by the water. Kristin got a nice run in this morning while I set off with my camera. On days when we can, we've had that routine for our mornings. Here are a few shots from our morning adventures. More soon!