On Paris, Pompeii, & Prague

We began planning in January. Europe in the Fall. Then city by city, we made our route. Paris for me, Pompeii for her, Prague for both of us. It was settled, and the rest would follow. Ten months of unveiling our journey later and we have finally arrived, one week until take off, and all we have left to do is experience it. A 'Sistermoon' to remember. (sistermoon <n>: an all inclusive adventure with your newly minted sister-in-law to revel in the early years of sisterhood.)

Let us not overlook the planning, however. As we've narrowed and cut down our travel wish list, we've learned a little more about everywhere we'll go. Planning plays an equally important role to the travel itself. It provides the opportunity to learn about cultural expectations, history you want to learn and transportation to get you there. It's meant learning a few new words - Bonjour! Au revoir! Merci! - and hoping those years of college Italian come back to me - Vino! Gelato! Cappuccino! Our trip has been a marker in this year that has served as a guidepost for goals, check lists and countdowns. And now we are here. 

Documentation may arrive day by day, week by week, or city by city. I am making no promises other than the promise to take it all in. My camera by my side, I look forward to capturing the ordinary, and extraordinary and all the in between. Let the journey begin!